Drones and the Future of Filmmaking [Infographic]

More and more directors are making use of the awesome technology that drones provide in their films. This has been especially prevalent in the last couple of years as America's Federal Aviation Administration is allowing more and more companies to use drones in film production. Previously American filmmakers had to travel to other countries in Europe or Canada in order to fulfil their drone filming needs

Earlier this year there was even ​a film festival dedicated entirely to films made using drone technology.This just goes to show that drones could change the face of filmmaking in the near-future. Some film and TV shows have already used drones to capture stunning aerial shots. The number of people doing this is surely set to rise. The benefits of using drones in filmmaking are plentiful.

Take a look at this infographic for an overview of the use of drones in film and TV:​

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Now that you've learned all about the use of drones in film and TV production, you probably want to see some drone filming action right?

The Expendables 3

This is the opening scene from the movie and you can clearly see how using a drone would benefit the shot. We're able to get up close and personal as the camera follows the action at a range that probably could not have been achieved using another filming method.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In this scene from the second Harry Potter film a drone captures the Scottish landscape and viaduct beautifully. Only a drone could capture such a great aerial shot whilst in motion, almost rolling with the hills and the start of the clip.


Here's yet another instance of how well a drone can capture live action. It's thought that Skyfall spearheaded the use of drones in filmmaking being such a prominent and popular film. It also showed how the Brits were ahead of the Americans, who were battling against aviation laws.

Share your favourite TV or film that showacases the use of drones in filmmaking in the comments below.