Drones: A Definitive Guide

Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are filling our skies. They are becoming increasingly popular with professionals and hobbyists alike. That’s because they can be both a lot of fun and supremely useful.

But how much do you really know about drones? This guide contains a tonne of resources covering everything you need to know about drones whether you’re a beginner or an experienced flyer. You’ll learn so much and even find out where you can read more.

This definitive guide to drones features the very best resources from the web in one place!

CHAPTER 1 - The Basics

You hear about drones in the news regularly. But not everybody knows exactly what drones are. So, in this chapter you'll get the key information you need to know about drone technology. You'll also learn the ins and outs of how drones work and the UK's legal policies regarding drones, meaning that you won't get into any trouble with the law as long as you follow the rules.

CHAPTER 2 - Interesting Facts About Drones

So now that you have gotten to grips with the basics, it's time to delve into the world of drones a little deeper. Drones have a fascinating history that you will discover in this chapter. You'll also gain an insight into the modern usage of drones from statistical data. Finally, we'll top it off with some fun facts, some trivia that you can share with others.

CHAPTER 3 - The Uses of Drones

This is one of the most interesting topics when it comes to drones because the way in which drones are used is constantly developing and changing. You probably already know that drones are used for things like surveillance and photography, but you'll also learn of some more unusual uses of drone technology in this chapter. You'll find out which companies are taking advantage of this technology too. And finally you can read about what the experts believe drones will be used for in the future.

CHAPTER 4 - How to Fly Drones

In this chapter you will find some key information that you'll certainly need if you're hoping to fly drones. These resources are still worth a look at as a refresher even if you're more experienced. Here you'll find a seriously in-depth guide on how to fly drones. What's more you can find out where you aren't allowed to fly drones within in the UK and detailed guides on staying safe and staying out of trouble while flying drones. It's important that you take note of this advice so that you don't hurt yourself or others around you.

CHAPTER 5 - Your Drone

You know a whole lot about drones by now! If you don't already have one of your very own it's time to get one. The first thing to decide is whether you're going to purchase a drone or build one. This chapter contains guides that will instruct you in how to do both. What's more you'll want your drone to work to the absolute best of its abilities and to last as long as possible. That's why this section also contains information on drone maintenance and tips on keeping your drone flying high in the sky for longer.  

CHAPTER 6 - Aerial Photography / Film

Most people who are interested in drones want to know one thing - how to take wicked aerial photos and make films that could potentially go viral on YouTube. Well this section will give you a helping hand if you're interested in aerial photography as a hobby. There's a lot of information on the web on this topic so we've handpicked some choice articles that give the best advice on obtaining great aerial shots. You'll also be interested to see a specific guide on how to use these skills to create awesome wedding videos. Plus, you'll find some inspiration on how to change your drone hobby into a profession and make money from aerial photography or filmmaking.

CHAPTER 7 - Drone Racing

Another way in which people use domestic drones as a hobby is by taking part in drone racing using FPV (first-person view) drones. In this chapter therefore you will learn exactly what FPV racing involves and how you can get started. There's also a link to the British FPV Racing Association so that you can connect with others and stay up to date with the latest local news and events. Last but not least there's some expert advice from one of the best racers out there.

CHAPTER 8 - Awesome Drone Blogs

If you're enthusiastic about drone technology then you ought to be keeping up to date with the latest trends. The easiest way to do this is to read blogs that post news, reviews, feature articles and more. So we've gathered a list of ten of the very best blogs that concern themselves with drones. There are lots of blogs out there but these truly are the cream of the crop.

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