Awesome Apps for Drone Enthusiasts

Apps are making our lives so much easier. There's no exception when it comes to flying drones too. This list will provide you with the best of the best apps out there for drone enthusiasts. It includes apps that will help you plan your drone flight, control your drone easily and take excellent aerial photographs.

Just take a look at these awesome apps:​


This is a rather pricey app but it’s very special. It covers all bases as regards safety, planning, data, mapping and photography. It’s suitable for the DJ Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 3 models.

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This app allows expert users of 3DR drones to map out flight paths and track their drones. There are lots of amazing features such as an automated building mapper to take 3D scans of structures.

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This app lets you programme parrot drones (Bebop Drone, Jumping Sumo, Rolling Spider) to fly around autonomously. The controls are super-intuitive which means you can roll, jump and fly easily.

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DJI VISION works in conjunction with the PHANTOM 2 VISION to let you control the camera remotely through your mobile device. It boasts a better photography experience thanks to camera tilt control and stable flying.

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This is a streamlined app for all of your aerial photography needs. Use together with a 3DR Solo drone in order to get on-screen flight info and take a variety of shots with just one touch of your mobile device.

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By using the DJI Assistant you can monitor your DJI Ronin-M and Ronin. It displays all of your flight data and allows you to adjust vital parameters in real-time. This makes for a smooth and stable flight.

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This is a popular app among drone pilots thanks to its practical features. Hover lets you know when and where it’s safe to fly your UAV which includes providing information on local weather conditions. 

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People appreciate GHOST Drone for its simplicity. All you need to do is tell your drone where to go on the map and it will go there, meaning you can concentrate on taking a photo. It also lands and hovers automatically.

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9. 10APP

This is a tool that lets you record images from your drone, phone or GoPro. It also provides easy to use and feature-rich editing software so you can create drone videos like a professional. 

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This app allows your DJI Phantom to make autonomous missions. It's a mapping and measuring tool that you use to determine the flight path of your drone. Pictures are taken automatically which you can later convert into 3D models and maps.

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Try out one of these apps today to see if it helps you become a better drone pilot!