The Do’s and Don’ts of Drone Usage in the UK

When it comes to the laws and rules when flying a drone in the UK, there are some specific things that you must keep in mind.

Recently there has been a massive boom in not only the number of drones but the number of people applying for and attaining ​permits to fly their drone.

There are obvious advantages ​to using a drone to film a scene or gather data. For one, drone use is significantly cheaper than having to hire a helicopter to get those stunning aerial shots you often see in TV shows or films.

Drones are also using for gathering data such as crops. They allow a farmer to cover massive areas of land without having ​to put in the time on the ground. This has obvious benefits and allows the farmer to spend their time in other important areas therefore maximising their productivity.

However there are laws covering what you can and can't do with a drone, and some countries such as South Africa have also banned them. So, take a look at the following infographic for more detail on the rules and regulations of drone usage in the UK.

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