Vulcan Y6

  • Anti vibrations System
  • Takeoff weight 4.7Kg ~ 8.2Kgs
  • 18min hover time (@12000mAh& 6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)
  • Quick fold mechanism with safety latch
  • Improved stability when rolling and pitching
The total build price for the DJI S900 is £1995+VAT.

Drone Assembly

As one of the UK’s foremost drone assembly companies, Drone Builders are proud to build drones manufactured by some of the global leaders in the unmanned aircraft industry, including the X8 from Vulcan UAV. The Vulcan X8 is one of our most popular drones due to its moderate price point and great list of key features and benefits for professionals.

Industry Approved Drone Build

The experts at Drone Builders take every care to build your X8 to the highest standard, ensuring that it meets the CAA’s strict airworthiness criteria. Our Vulcan X8 build service also includes a full demonstration of the aircraft prior to the final handover.

Key features of the Vulcan X8

  • The Vulcan X8 airframe is manufactured from carbon fibre and aluminium materials, making it lightweight yet strong, and providing excellent vibration-free stability.
  • The coaxial design of the Vulcan X8 ensures maximum flight stability even in windy conditions.
  • The quick fold mechanism and safety latch allows the frame to be folded flat for safe and secure transportation.
  • The extended, wide-spaced landing legs are retractable, providing almost 500mm of ground clearance.

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