Spreading Wings DJI S1000

  • Large carrying capacity
  • Takeoff weight 11Kgs
  • Ready to fly in 5 minutes
  • Quick fold mechanism with safety latch
  • Retractable landing gear
The total build price for the DJI S1000 is £1695+VAT.

Professional Build Quality

Drone Builders are the UK’s leading drone assembly company, building high quality drones for our clients from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as the S1000 from DJI. This drone is popular amongst professionals due to its relatively low price point and its outstanding specifications and features.

Stable and Strong

Our expert team of drone builders will assemble the DJI S1000 to industry-approved standards. We take every care to ensure that your aircraft meets the airworthiness criteria as defined by the CAA.

Drone Builders will expertly build the DJI S900 for you to industry-approved standards, ensuring that it complies with the CAA’s airworthiness criteria. Our DJI S1000 build service also includes a full demonstration of the aircraft’s working order prior to the final handover.

Key features of the DJI S1000

  • All eight of the DJI S1000’s arms can be completely folded down, and the propellers can be tucked away for easy transportation.
  • Pre-flight prep time is just five minutes; simply lift the frame arms up, lock them into place, and power the system up and you’re ready to fly.
  • The main power cord features an AS150 sparkproof plug, as well as an XT150 plug, both of which help to prevent short circuits.
  • The DJI S1000’s retractable landing gear, plus the specifically-designed bracket that allows the gimbals to be mounted low on the frame enables a wide shooting angle.

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